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Teacher Training

Course Overview

As well as ‘holding’ the course, I will be leading a number of sessions, covering a wide and varied range of topics. I will spend time working on the skills needed to teach a dance, gradually developing the necessary physical vocabulary and communication techniques to culminate in each of you teaching a short dance session. Every day will begin with an hour of dancing into our still centre. The energy and focus created through a series of gentle dances will take you to a still and centred space from which to move into the day.

Your Body and You

Throughout my teaching of the dance, I will also help you to develop your own sense of body awareness so you can become a positive role model for your group in the way you move.

Your personal view of "where I am now as a Circle Dance Teacher".

A short exercise to look at your own view of where you stand today as a Circle Dance Teacher and how you might perceive yourself to be in the future ~ and what we might need to ‘bridge that gap’.

Teaching and Learning Styles

Do you know how you learn a dance?

By understanding the many different learning processes, we can then understand how the way we then teach a dance can influence the way a group learns, dances and interacts.

Dance notation

How do we accurately record a dance?

Group dynamics

Exploring, in a practical way, group dynamics and looking at how the teacher can address challenging scenarios within the group.

Discussion groups

There will be times where we sit down together and talk.

I can answer your questions (although I don't guarantee to know the answer but I do have years of experience to draw on!) It is very valuable to be able to sit and chat informally with a group of like-minded people and explore various topics.

Guiding you ...

... through your teaching practices and analysing how best to teach the dances you have chosen to teach.

I will be commenting on your teaching, offering you feedback in a safe and supportive environment. We will also have opportunities for discussion sessions around the topic of the art of teaching. ANY questions you may have will be thoroughly explored and answered. I will also help you to analyse the dances you bring from a rhythm point of view. I will demonstrate and encourage you to practice speaking the steps in rhythm - giving you a whole new dimension to your teaching.

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