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Exploring Balkan Rhythms - Dum Dum Diddily Dum Dum - Volume 2

Mandy de Winter teaches and demonstrates traditional Balkan Dances

All proceeds from the sale of this DVD will be donated to the Severn Hospice in Mandy's memory.

In this DVD, originally produced exclusively for partipants of her course covering Balkan rhythms and dance, Mandy teaches 19 Balkan dances in great detail, paying particular attention to the varied and often irregular rhythms.

The DVD comes complete with a CD containing the music for all the dances, as well as a detailed booklet providing the notation and background information for each dance.

The contents of this DVD are also available for download of individual dances, together with the accompanying music track and notes.


Sta Tria/Čoček - 2/4 (Northern Greece/Macedonia)
Pravo Trakijisko Horo - 2/4 (Trakia/Bulgaria)
Hora Miressi 2 - 2/4 (Bihor, Transylvania, Romania)
Sta Tria/Dhio (Stella Bellos) - 6/8 & 4/4 (Epirus, Northern Greece)
Tsakonikos - 5/4 (Peloponnese, Greece)
Paidushko Horo - 5/4 (Macedonia/Bulgaria)
Valle Zagorishte - 5/4 (Zagori, South Albania)
Pravo Oro (Makedonsko) - 7/8 (Macedonia/Pirin, Bulgaria)
Staro Pomaško Horo - 7/8 (Rhodopes, Bulgaria)
Kostursko Oro - 7/8 (Kostur, North West Macedonia)
Baiduskino (or Paiduskino - men’s version) - 7/8 (Northern Greece/Macedonia)
Sarakino (women’s Baiduskino) - 7/8 (Northern Greece/Macedonia)
Trakijska Râčenica - 7/8 (Trakia, Bulgaria)
Drijanovska Râčenica - 7/8 (North East Bulgaria)
Katushe Mome - 9/8 (Macedonia/Pirin, Bulgaria)
Osogovko Horo - 11/8 (Kocani, East Macedonia)
Nevesto Cârven Trandafil - 11/8 (Pirin, Bulgaria)
Padna Magla - 11/8/ & 9/8 (Sopluk, Bulgaria)
Joc de Fete - 5/4 & 3/4 (South West Romania)

Devojče Devojče - Free Download

The video, music track and dance notes for this dance can be downloaded free.

Download individual dances

Volume 1 also Available

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