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The Dancing Circle - Volume 4 - Balance

Compiled by Judy King

Packed full of articles tracing the history of Sacred/Circle Dance back to the arrival of Bernhard and Gabriele Wosien in Findhorn in October 1976.

With a "who's who" of all the influential teachers then and now, with articles by many of them recollecting their early encounters with the dance


Excerpts from conversations with and the writings of Bernhard Wosien

Friedel Kloke- Eibl

Dance, playing and movement

Krisana Kirchner

The Sun Dance

Krisana Kirchner

Meditation en Croix in relation to the Path of the Cross

Friedel Kloke- Eibl

Meditation of the Cross - Meditation of the whole person

Sophia Kiessling

The Eight Pointed Star

Krisana Kirchner

Thoughts on the dance Garuda

Judith Sablowski

Moved by music- gripped by the dance

lisalotte Dworzak

From belief to enlightenment

Birgit Muller

Liturgy in Dance

Charlotte Willberg

The fulfilling experience of stillness

Karlfried Graf Durckheim

Stillness is very shy

Friedel Kloke-Eibl

Consciousness in Dance/Dance in the Consciousness

Alisée Schmucker

A dancing invitation to become more aware

Marianne Baumann

Dance: In Teaching and Therapy

Bernhard Wosien

Healing through Dance-An ethnological view

Dr Irene Aschwande

Come and Dance with me! A Healing Process

Trudi Schoop

Meditation of the Dance: Sacred Dance and Overcoming a Crisis

Susanne Riedel-Zeller

A close look at walking and repeating: the dance Rose

Rosemarie Nerling

From the edge to the centre

Bruno Dorig

From -‘Tanze aus Griechenland: Labyrinthtanze’

Friedel Kloke-Eibl and others

Waiting for the kiss of the Muse

Friedel Kloke-Eibl

To dance is to learn that everything passes

Bernhard Wosien

Review by Elizabeth Pinkerton

Balance is the journal of the professional association “Meditation des Tanzes – Sacred Dance” which appears twice yearly. Each edition contains contributions on specific topic. The publication is in German and thus not available to many of us because of our individual lack of knowledge of the language.

Because of this Judy King decided to approach Friedel Kloke-Eibl who has in turn made a selection of articles which she thought would cover a range of topics and be of interest. Judy then set about finding individuals who would translate these for this publication of The Dancing Circle. The selection of articles has been translated with care and sensitivity to meaning and cross language differences thus offering an opportunity to share the thoughts and experiences of dancers from the continent.

The compilation of writings covers a range of dances from the choreographers Bernard Wosien and Friedel Kloke-Eibl, their conception, development and growth. Traditional dances are also considered. There are also articles from individual dancers about their experiences and thoughts arising from dancing.

Reflections on meditative qualities, stillness, centering, attunement, connectedness; the healing experience of dance; and the origins of dances, and the symbolic connections of steps and patterns both created in and emerging from dances make rich reading for anyone wanting to explore the many layers and depths of dances and the circle.

I found this rich reading and would say thank you to Judy for undertaking the work involved in gathering the articles together, to Mandy de Winter who had the original idea and to the translators.

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