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The Dancing Circle - Volume 3

Compiled by Judy King

In the five years since the publication of the last volume more and more people have stood in a circle,  joined hands and stepped out together in response to the music.

More and more people have discovered something which is unifying, deeply moving, enriching and fun!

More and more people have become dancers, teachers, choreographers and hooked!

This third compilation of articles, stories and illustrations attempts to put into words all of the reasons for all of the above.

Offering both an introduction and more in depth articles, this book, like its predecessor, is a must for everyone who is drawn into The Dancing Circle.



Judy King

Finding stillness in Movement

Erik Bendix

It is costly to dance

Margaret Stevens

Silence in Music


Orchestra Ode


The Still Point

Gill Eardley

The Ritual Dance Round a Sacred Object

W.O.E. Oesterley

Rough Guide to Beginning Circle Dance

Chris Lee

Dancing in Circles

Pieter Brabers

Moments in the Circle

Jackie Rowanly and Kathy Watson

Choreography - Why do we do it?

Hazel Young

The dance is a poem

9 Handy Hints for Dance Designers!

Stefan Freedman

Ronds de Bretagne

Jan Mulreany

Circle Dance: Cultural theft or cultural loan?


Simple Dances: Where Do They Come From, Where Do They Lead?

Laura Shannon

Between the Worlds

Nawal Gadalla

Adrian's Top 30

Adrian Pointon

Where do dances come from?

Andy Bettis

Learning to walk. Moving Mandala

Lynn Frances and Richard Bryant-Jeffries

"I see the dance...."

Ruth St Dennis

A Special Day for Winchester Cathedral.

Judy King

"But the people could not help dancing"

Walter Sorrell

Prayer in Flesh and Blood

Gabriele Wosien

The Twelfth Number Dance on High

Friedel Kloke-Eibl

Photo call - Friedel Kloke Eibl.

Dancing Well : Thoughts on Dance for Teachers

Laura Shannon

There is only one of me

Footprints in the Sand of my Soul

Stefan Freedman

Advice for leading a Spiral

Andy Bettis

My Labyrinth Journey into Dark and Light

Sheryl Ackerman

Photo call - Dancing Seducing Hades

Habit or Tradition?

Judy King

Sacred/Circle Dance - The Beginning

Anna Barton

The A-Z of Circle Dancing

Joan Peart

Photo call - I do dance outside!

The Greek Experience - Kythira with King.

Ruth Walmsley

"Dancing is the last word in life"

Jean Dubuffet

Extracts from a review by Ann Nicol

"Once again, Judy has brought together a fascinating and varied collection. From thoughts on the meaning and purpose of sacred dance to Chris Lee's hilarious 'translations' of what the words mean - it's all here. Several contributions are concerned with the spiritual heart of the dance. Maria Gabriele Wosien describes dancing as a form of prayer;.... Judy writes of introducing dance to the congregation of Winchester Cathedral; Laura Shannon describes the early Christian symbolism of the Pravo Oro dance family.......

"Also blowing through this collection is a hint of change - or at least  of questioning. ....There is plenty to provoke discussion.......

"The book is a pleasure to look at, with clear print, many illustrations, cartoons and poems and some truly stunning photography by Judy herself."

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