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Mandy de Winter

Mandy sadly died in 2018, but for thirty years she was a leading light in the world of Circle Dance. In addition to her regular weekly groups, she led workshops and dance holidays not just in the UK, but throughout the world, with regular trips to Greece, Germany, Holland and Brazil, as well as teaching in Australia, Canada and the USA.

She was known not just as a dance teacher, but also as an accomplished and versatile musician with a particular talent for enabling others to sing and play.

Happy teaching both traditional dances and modern choreographies, she was especially known for her knowledge of and skill for teaching dances from The Balkans, and she introduced many a dancer to the irregular and interesting rhythms so common in that part of the world.

About Mandy

In her Own Words

Mandy describes her dancing and musical passions.

Live Music

Mandy's Musical Career

A little bit about each of the Circle Dance bands Mandy participated in.


Mandy's Most Recent Band

Mandy's musical collaboration with Judy King and Chris Hall.


Exploring Balkan Rhythms and Dance

Teaching videos of over forty dances originally only available to participants of Mandy's "Dum Dum Diddily Dum Dum" course exploring and learning about the interesting rhythms so characteristic of dances from the Balkans.

Available to download or on two DVDs.


A selection of recordings made specially for circle dance. Many are original recordings made by Mandy de Winter and her various bands, together with compilations of tracks compiled by both Judy and Mandy.


A selection of specially filmed videos featuring Judy and Mandy de Winter together with a group of dancers showing the dances to accompany the recordings and compilations they have produced.

Music Books

Five music books compiled by Mandy de Winter containing a total of over 300 circle dance tunes. All with chords and many with harmony parts.

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