Judy King
Friday 25th April
Sunday 27th April 2025

Back to our Roots

The Royal Agricultural University, Stroud Rd, Cirencester GL7 6JS

It seems the desire for dancing traditional dances is resurfacing - so come and join me for the third year of dancing Back to our Roots.

With the myriad of contemporary dances in our repertoire, have we lost sight of our roots? Is our dancing tree in danger of being top heavy and toppling over?

Come and join me for a weekend where we go back to our roots: where we immerse ourselves in traditional dances – engaging with the exciting driving rhythms from the Balkans and afar.

I will be digging up some ‘golden oldies’ - teaching dances well known and remembered as well as dances much loved but long forgotten ~ and of course there will be a surprise or two.

Cost: Accommodation: £300. Course fee: £150

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