Judy King
Thursday 9th November
Sunday 12th November 2023

Circle Dance Training based on the Harmony Method® with Nanni Kloke and Judy King

This is a three module course

1) Wells and Wells Cathedral 2 & 3) Little Wenlock Village Hall, Shropshire

This is a closed group once we have started the training in January

Module 1: Thursday 19th – Monday 23rd January 2023
Module 2: Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th March 2023
Module 3: Thursday 9th- Sunday 12th November 2023

We all have an inner dancer waiting to give expression to our individual response to music. The inspirational circle dances of Nanni Kloke invite us to use our whole body to voice our spiritual and emotional responses in a very physical way.

All our work with be centred around Nanni’s Harmony Method®. Her newly published book, ‘Dance to re-connect’ will enable us to apply the theory to the practice of actually dancing together - leading us to a deeper understanding of how we dance and where the movement comes from in our bodies.

We will be also working with a theme that will serve as the thread that leads us through the three modules. Nanni will work with us during the first and third modules and during the second module Judy will continue the work Nanni began. Every time we repeat dances, our increased understanding of and subsequent confidence in the way our body moves allows us to further access our ‘Dancer Within’. Through working more with Nanni’s beautiful dances, as our familiarity with them grows, so does the integration between the Dancer and the Dance.

Course fee: each module costs £350.
This includes lunches on the first module and all meals on the other two.

Numbers: The minimum number to make this course viable is 18 and our maximum is 28.

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