Judy King
Friday 20th November
Sunday 22nd November 2020

Nanni Study Group

Little Wenlock Village Hall, Shropshire

Another casualty of the Corona Virus! Sorry, this event has been cancelled ☹️

Sadly, Nanni won’t be coming to England to teach in 2020, but to keep the ‘Nanni energy’ alive and kicking, I will be leading this longer weekend dancing her wonderful dances and working in more depth with them.

Every time we repeat dances, our increased understanding of and subsequent confidence in the way our body moves allows us to further access our ‘Dancer Within’. Through working more with these beautiful dances, as our familiarity with them grows, so does the integration between the Dancer and the Dance.

I hope to see you there!

Cost: £250 including all meals (but please bring lunch to share on Friday).
To book your place, please send Judy your £75 deposit.

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