Judy King
Thursday 25th March
Sunday 28th March 2021

My Dance Journey through Time - significant dances along the way

At: The Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester

Sorry- another casualty of the Corona Virus 😥 Now re-arranged to March 31st-April 3rd 2022!

Come and join me in this important workshop at a huge time of change in my life.

My Dance Journey through Time will incorporate the most important and significant dances I have met, danced, loved and taught. As always I will be going deeper into the steps and the movements and the music.

Cost: Accommodation: £205. Course fee: £165

Please book with a non-returnable deposit of £75.

Please note that this event was postponed in 2020 due to THE virus! This will be the first (and only) time this workshop is being presented.

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